Traditional & Modern Reading

Modern Reading

  • Aim: To compress the text into essential ideas, and to intake those ideas rapidly 
  • Features: Reading is rapid; silent; focused on the comprehension of ideas; the more work the text does, the better (spaces, punctuation, pictures, graphs, etc.); a single text is read once for ideas (not words)
  • Output: Reader can recall general ideas; can intake more total texts, and use abstract & critical thinking, imagination, to combine, assess, and apply information

Traditional Reading 

  • Aim: To upload, in full resolution, the words of the author into the brain of the reader
  • Features: Reading is (relatively) slow; out loud; focused on each word, word-by-word; the more work the reader does, the better (to activate long-term memory); a single text is repeated again and again
  • Output: Reader can recall precise passages, exact quotes; access to the text in full, word-for-word